Why You Shouldn’t Hire A Cheap Voice Over Talent

If you are reading this article you have most likely been looking around for a cheap voice over talent to record your project. Well, luckily you have stumbled across this article before spending your money (hopefully).

As per the old saying, you get what you pay for, and that is exactly why you shouldn’t hire a cheap voice over talent. The options are unlimited and you can get someone to record your project from as little as $5, but really what are your expectations going to be?

Firstly, in this age and time anyone can be a voice talent, but how many are going to deliver a service with a quality you will be proud of?

I will give you an example. We at Voiise.com have been trading for years and as a voice talent agency every voice talent that finds us wants to work with us and we get applications from voice talents DAILY, but if you look at our database, we do not have that many talents. We screen every single talent carefully and we look for many qualities when doing so such as Quality of their recording, tone of their voice and abilities, responsiveness, attitude, professionalism and we leave their rates till the end. After doing these screenings for years we have found that only about 40% of applicants stand out to be professional voice talents and the rest. When we work with new talents we put ourselves in the client shoes and if we are not super excited and proud of every talent we take on board we know the client will not be happy with the final product at the end either.

cheap voice over talent

What does the above example tell us? Basically, for you as a client there is a 60% chance you are going to stumble across a cheap voice over talent who will waste your time and money.

Your best bet for a stress-free service is keeping away from any cheap voice over talent and start searching for quality service that can guarantee your satisfaction such as our service.

Get in touch with us and let us help you choose the best talent for your project.