Video Localization Services, Why it’s important for your brand.

Digital video is one of the most efficient online marketing tools with almost 4 billion internet users all over the world. Every day around 100 million people watch online videos and almost 50% of all businesses consider video as the type of content delivering the best ROI. This is where video localization services comes into discussion.

Video Localization services

More than 80% of the YouTube views are made from outside the United States. That is why many businesses have started to understand the importance of video localization services for international consumption, especially when it comes to product demos, marketing demonstrations or computer-based training.

The most important thing to know is that the video remains the same and only the audio component gets localized. The first step is getting the video transcribed to get the English script, then it has to be time-coded to get the correct timing, transcreated to make the video locally accurate and in the end it will be shortened so that it fits within a given space on each screen or time in the video.


Common methods for video localization Services

Through dubbing, the voice of the original speaker in the video is replaced by the localized voice of an actor. The dub has to be perfectly synchronized and timed to match the speaker’s intonation, lips, and meaning. This is a lengthy process which implies the transcription, timing, and review of the English file, translation and the review of the translation, the recording of voice-over and layering it to on the video, review, and conversion or delivery, and we at are professionals in dubbing your content into any language.


Subtitling is another video localization service method used to display captions at the bottom of the screen. It is used to translate, transcribe or localize the narrative or dialogue. The captions are all timed with the dialogue in the video and will stay on the screen as long as it is necessary for adequate readability. To get subtitles for a video, the English file has to be transcribed and timed, translated and converted into subtitles.

Voice-over is another video localization option for videos which include people speaking on screen. During this technique, the volume of the initial video is faded back and louder; language track is laid over it.

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