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Basic Terms & Conditions for you to know before receiving your VO quote:
– We only work with verified professional voice talents.
– We provide unlimited revisions until satisfied, within reasons.
– Unlimited revisions are allowed in all cases when we are at fault.
– Extra charge incurs if you decide to edit your voiceover script after recording has been made.
– Revisions to be done within 5 Working days from original delivery date.
– New clients are required to pay the full amount in advance.
– We beat any quote given by a commercial business. Proof of your voice over quotes is required.
– Our payment options are: PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Deposit.

If you are a voice talent looking for work please send us an email directly at info [at] voiise [dot] com. We are currently looking for talents from all over the world and our main focus is on languages rarely found online such as: Amharic, Swahili, Zulu, Pushtu, Azerbaijan, Bengali, Persian, Qazaq, Nepali, Tamil, Fula, Awadhi, Kurdish, Khmer, Somali, Quechua, Kirundi, Shona, Uyghur, Xhosa, Balochi, Kankani. Before applying please be aware that we only hire professional talents with professional equipment. No Amateurs or beginners. Talents must have availability for urgent recordings and must provide the best for our customers.

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